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Garry Kitchen is an experienced Expert Witness/Consultant in the areas of Video Game Design, Software Development, Copyright and Patent Infringement and Internet Technologies.

Kitchen has consulted on a variety of technology-related matters, including mobile software development and patents, Internet and search-related patents, virtual worlds and video games.  His services include expert reports and presentations, prior art research, software code analysis, and back-engineering.  He has testified numerous times on behalf of his clients in depositions, at trial and before arbitration panels.  Kitchen's client list includes Sony Computer Entertainment, Neomedia Technologies, Activision, Zynga, Konami Digital Entertainment, NCR, Nintendo, and Taito of America.  

An electrical engineer by degree, Kitchen was a pioneer in the electronic gaming industry, developing and patenting his first toy/game product in 1979 for Parker Brothers (see Bank Shot).  Since then, his electronic entertainment titles have generated over $300M in retail sales, spanning 4 decades.

Kitchen has received numerous awards for his work in his chosen field, including Video Game of the Year, Game Designer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and multiple Lifetime Achievement Awards in Video Games.  Kitchen is a sought-after speaker at key industry conferences, including the Consumer Electronics Show, Game Developers Conference, National Cable Show, Digital Hollywood, iMedia Breakthrough, DMEXPO and many others.  He is well respected by the media with appearances on CNBC, CNN and the NBC Today show.

Kitchen's specific areas of expertise include:

        Video Game design and development

        Video Game business issues (distribution, licensing, 

            product evaluation)

        General Software development

        Patent infringement/validity

        Mobile device software development (PDA's, cell phones)

        Copyright infringement

        Internet technologies

        Web site design and development

        Interactive marketing/advertising

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